The Beauty Tag 

I have seen a lot of bloggers do tags recently and I LOVE tags. I like answering the questions and also when bloggers do tags you get to know a bit about them a bit more which is nice. Today I thought I would do the beauty tag as I haven’t done this one before and the questions seem like they could help someone who is new to makeup and wants to learn a bit more. 

How many times do u wash your face daily?

I wash my face twice a day, every morning when I wake up and every night before bed. However I sometimes wash my face three times a day.

What type of skin do you have?

I have quite dry skin and I have had this issue for quite a long time. I moisturise my skin twice a day . In the morning I use a garnier day cream and at night I use a Nivea night cream.As well as dry skin my skin is quite sensitive .

Do you exfoliate? If so, what brand do you use?

Yes!! I do exfoliate it’s is key to having clear skin. I use multiple brands to exfoliate my skin and sometimes DIY an exfoliate. I try to exfoliate my skin twice a week as exfoliating a lot can ruin your skin. The exfoliate that I’m using at the moment is by neutrogena and it is a grapefruit scent. YUM!!!!

Do you use eye cream? 

Yes of course, eye cream is an important step in my skincare routine. It is very important to keep your under eye area hydrated because nobody wants wrinkles at 16.

Do you have acne prone skin?

No thankfully I have never had acne(knock on wood).


What foundation do you use?

A foundation that I love and I always go back to is the loreal true match as I find it is the most natural and glowy foundation I have found in the drugstore that suits me.

How about concealer?

I haven’t tried a lot of concealer’s but at the moment I’m using the la pro girl concealer  and I’m very fond of it.

Do you know your undertone ?

Yes, I do. I have more of a warm undertone because I have dark skin however red undertone foundation do not suit me.

What do you think of false lashes?

I love false lashes however they do take a while for me to put on and I don’t like the way they make my eyes feel.

What brand of mascara do you use?

I use a couple of different brands of mascara and alternate on different days.

Sephora or Mac?

Unfortunately I don’t live in America so there aren’t any Sephoras near me but I think I will still have to go with Sephora as they have multiple brands I love and want to try.

What tools do you use in your makeup application?

Surprisingly I use brushes for absolutely everything.

Do you use eye primer?

I use to but now I just use concealer and set it with powder and it works just as well.

For the face?

For my face primer I have been using the Nivea post shave balm and I’m in love (thank you nikki tutorial)

Do you use liquid or pencil eyeliner?

I use liquid eyeliner to achieve a wing liner as I think it gives the best results and I use pencil in my water line.

Do you prefer colourful shades or neutral shades?

I love my neutrals but I do love experimenting with my shadows. 

Thank you so much for reading my answers to the questions

Xx fiercewithmakeup 


Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since I last blogged , I wish I had an excuse but I don’t. I don’t have many blog posts on here but don’t worry I’m back .

 I finished school a few weeks ago and I have been planning some video ideas and blog posts. It will take me a while to get back into my schedule but I promise I will try. There will be at least 2 blog posts a week but I am aiming for four a week. 

I can’t wait to see how this blog turns out and I hope to see u again


Top 5 beauty vloggers you must watch 

Hello everyone 

Anyone that knows me knows that I spend most of my free time watching beauty vloggers on YouTube. I have been watching vloggers now for 3 years.That is a long time. I’m subscribed to 600 YouTube  channels which is a lot ,I know. Here are my top 5 beauty vloggers.

Desi Perkins

My first favourite is Desi Perkins . Desi channel is quite new and she gained a 1,000,000 subscribers in 1 year. She was a freelance makeup artist before YouTube. Desi does multiple makeup looks on her channel . From Halloween makeup to holiday makeup. There is something for everyone on her channel.

Lustrelux aka Katy 

Katy is known for her high voluminous pony tails and her cut crease’s. Katy is best friends with Desi and the two are always collabing. Katy’s makeup looks are more dramatic but also quick and sometimes easy

Glitteralittle aka Chloe Morton

Chloe is a northern Irish beauty vlogger. Chloe is 18 and a self taught freelance makeup artist. Chloe has over 250,000 subscribers. 


Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan has a lifestyle channel. Michelle is known for her calm voice and inspirational videos.Michelle Phan has over 8 million subscribers and 1.1 billion YouTube views. Michelle now has her own beauty brand called em cosmetics.
Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn hill is known as the queen of YouTube . She is known for her quirky personality and her skilful makeup looks. Jaclyn has collab with some well known brands such as colour pop , Anastasia Beverly hills and Becca cosmetics

Who are your top 5 beauty vloggers?

December favourites 

Hello everyone

I know its not a lot of products but these are the products that I used continuously during December . 

My first favourite is the soap and glory sugar crush body scrub . This product is by far my favourite body scrub. It is lime scented and has amazing packaging in my eyes. It has smashed brown sugar, sweet lime,almond oil and macadamia grains. I like to use this product when my skin is dry as I feel it scrubs my body better (trust me ) . One thing I love about this product is that when you wash the scrub off you have this nice oil residue that some people might like but I do as I find it nourishes my skin.

This is the loreal wear infinite in the shade copper penny .I love this eyeshadow as I find it is an everyday eyeshadow .It is not matte yet it is not shimmer . I would describe this eyeshadow as being 80% matte and 20% shimmer.

This is a Mac eyeshadow in the colour mulch velvet. I love this eyeshadow as it is a warm toned brown. It is very pigmented and I would recommend this to dark girls like me to use this all over the lid and use a dark brown in the crease. This is an everyday colour but it is different from the loreal as it is a brown and it is 50% matte and 50% shimmer.  
I love this pallete as I find it is a dupe for the naked 2 pallete . This is the Makeup Revolution pallete in iconic 2 . This pallete is amazing as the colours are so pigmented, it is super affordable and also the colours range from cool toned eyeshadows to warm toned eyeshadows. 
  This has been my favourite foundation in December as it is a everyday foundation. It is the Rimmel match perfection foundation.It is very light weight , it is medium coverage and it has a fresh cucumber scent. 
  My favourite lip product has been this Davis dark brown lip liner . I got this from a local beauty shop but you could probably find an alternative somewhere. I love this lip liner as it stays all day . The downfall is that it is not creamy AT ALL.   
  My favourite eye brush this month has been this one I got in primark. This brush is extremely soft and it is super cheap. It is a double ended brush. One side is a angled brush which I use to fill my eyebrows and the other end is a huge blending brush which I use to blend my transition colour. Primark has definatly upped their game
  My last and final favourite is this Nivea post shave balm . I’m not going to go to much in dept with this product as I mentioned it in my monthly favourites on my channel. This shave balm makes my makeup last all day and it nourishes my skin. 

What are your December favourites?

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